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design and strategy for speakers, coaches, business owners and consultants


"Alicia, thanks so much for speaking on Star Power Half Hour. You provided such great value to our audience on how they could start speaking; we got great feedback. In addition, you were engaging, lively, clear, and professional. You were one of our best speakers and we'll definitely invite you again!" ~ Ellen Finkelstein, Communication & Powerpoint Expert




Are you looking to book a value-driven speaker for your event or conference? Alicia White loves sharing branding tips and giving speaking advice to audiences around the globe.

A Speaker and International Best Selling Author, Alicia White gives expert strategy on how to grow your business through pubic speaking, branding, product creation, Speaker One Sheets, and marketing at the back of the room. Alicia outlines the must-have tools and strategies to help coaches, consultants, authors, business owners, thought leaders and trainers succeed as a speaker and generate leads and revenue whenever they speak. With over 20 years of branding and graphic design experience, Alicia also shares how having a solid brand presence and savvy marketing techniques will impact the audience and increase the trust factor.

A valuable resource in the speaking industry, Alicia serves as Partnering Director for the Public Speakers Association. She was recognized by Women Speakers Association as a "Women You Need to Know" and twice nominated for Public Speakers Association National Collaborator of the Year. She has international appeal, appearing on podcasts and internet radio/ TV shows around the world. Alicia’s book “The Successful Speaker’s Handbook: Tools, ideas and Strategies to Elevate Your Expertise as a Speaker” is available on Amazon.

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Rave Reviews from Industry Experts

“Alicia White’s presentation gives speakers confidence they can advance exponentially as a professional by packaging themselves effectively and having the right back end assets to monetize their message. She offers great wisdom and a pathway to profits.”
Jackie Lapin, founder of Speakertunity

“I was WOWED by Alicia White’s presentation at the Women of Splendor event. Not only did she bring incredible value but was a breath of fresh air with her unique style and approach to the content. I would recommend her over and over again and have booked her for my 2014 Public Speakers Conference!”
Tonya Hofmann, CEO & Founder Public Speakers Association

“Alicia has been a speaker for the Women of Splendor 4-Seasons of Success Event, and WOW! what an exciting session. She has the gift of engagement, sincerity, and connection, and her audience “gets” why she is there. She helps people make needed changes while they are being entertained. I look forward to having her share with our audience again.”
Margo DeGange, M.Ed. Founder of Women of Splendor and Splendor Publishing

“Alicia White has the ability to bring the technical world into language that makes sense and is easy to understand by her entire audience. Her natural ability to bring the passion for her work come to life is both engaging and endearing. Alicia is authentic in her style and she effortlessly draws people into her words and her message."
Candy Barone, CEO & Founder, You Empowered Strong (Y.E.S.), LLC

“Alicia White served as a panelist at my Marketing, Media and Money event in Dallas, TX. and shared branding strategies about speaker sheets, materials and how to use them effectively. She did an amazing job and my audience walked away with actionable steps to implement and take action. I received lots of positive feedback from my audience as well as requests to have her back.”
Patty Farmer, Marketing Strategist, International Speaker, Author, Radio Host and Event Producer



Speak Your Way to More Clients: Public Speaking for Business Development
Business experts have found that public speaking is the number one way to maximize their time in promoting their service or product. Attendees receive step-by-step direction on how to use public speaking to market their business effectively, including:

  • why speaking is the BEST MARKETING PLATFORM to grow your business
  • the importance of DELIVERING VALUE versus a sales pitch
  • how to GENERATE LEADS every time you speak
  • when to SAY YES to the right event


The Three Cs of Branding: The Building Blocks to Getting Noticed
Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, and Business Owners learn how to stand out in the sea of noise and get their message heard. Alicia presents three important branding strategies that will up level their marketing efforts. Attendees learn tactics they can implement immediately, such as:

  • gain clarity on who they serve
  • build credibility and trust through branding
  • positioning to attract clients willing to pay top dollar
  • ensure prospects know exactly what they do


How to Get Booked as a Speaker: Tools and Strategies to Speaker Tools and What to Include
Speakers need to know what it takes to get the attention of event organizers and prospects Alicia outlines effective speaker tools to help them promote their message and specific information to include to get booked. After this hands-on presentation, participants walk away with details they can implement immediately, including:

  • the top effective speaker tools for marketing
  • tools and strategies needed to get booked
  • products that generate leads and revenue

About Alicia

"The Three Cs of Branding" Talk


TV Show Interviews

Tonya Hofmann's Fabulous TV Show: Alicia White was an amazing guest on Tonya Hofmann's show speaking about marketing, branding and being a presenter at the upcoming Public Speakers Conference


Melanie Benson Strick, America's Leading Small Business Optimizer: Melanie speaks with Alicia on having a professional image as a speaker to wow meeting planners and to have a stellar brand presence when you speak.


Tonya Hofmann's Fabulous TV Show: Tonya introduces guests to the fabulous Alicia White, who specializes in speaker branding, product design and strategy for the back of the room.


Radio and Podcast Interviews

Take Action Get Profits with Michele Scism: Michele and Alicia give golden nuggets on monetizing your message through products and branding.

Profit Beyond the Book with Tai Goodwin and Nicole Fende: Tai, Nicole and Alicia have a delightful time delivering tips on how to get More Back of the Room Book Sales.

Tough Talk Radio with Tony Gambone: Tony interviews Craig Rhoades, Regina Rowley, Becky Smith and Alicia, co-authors of the Amazon International Best Seller book Share Your Message With the World, revealing best practices for overcoming challenges in life and in business.

The Starters Club Podcast with Erin Smith: Erin asks Alicia to discuss the necessary steps on becoming a public speaker and how to use speaking as business development tool.


Event Promotion Example

When you book Alicia, she will share her excitement about speaking at your event to help you promote your event. Share with video or audio with your attendees and on social media to get them excited about attending your conference or event!

Public Speakers Conference with Tonya Hofmann, Founder/CEO Public Speaker Association

WoW Event promotional audio with Host Carol Merlo, The Successful Solopreneur Coach.
Click image to listen.

speaking event


Audio Recordings

Public Speakers Association Telesummit 2013: Alicia White gives ideas and tips on how to Monetize Your Message

Public Speakers Association Telesummit 2014: Alicia White reveals the TOP 5 Speaker Sheet Must Haves


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